Immersive Operational Experimentation: Experiencing and Resolving Crises in an Alternate Virtual Reality

To Anticipate and Prevent their Occurrence in the Real World 



Full Dive VR Environment for Civilian and Military Clients

Full Dive VR Unit (FDVU)

Imagery is courtesy of TESLASUIT

IOPEX LLC coordinates and manages IOPEXs that create a distributed multi-sensory experience virtually indistinguishable from the real world.

How We Help

How We Help

We leverage Virtual Reality technology to engage operators in the experimental environment. IOPEXs are for a diverse customer base that includes both civilian and military customers.

The IOPEX Team strives to evolve a permanent distributed “Full Dive” VR environment that allows customers to immerse themselves in crisis action situations before decomposing them to understand why they happened.

Key Features

Key Features

  • In an immersive virtual environment, human operators deal with crisis response situations
  • Automated data collection associated with experimental factors and metrics.
  • Quantitative and qualitative analyses are used to establish which elements contributed to the mission's success
Client Benefits

Client Benefits

  • Extensive experience in immersive virtual technology
  • Proven process in designing experimental scenarios
  • Crisis Response Tactics
  • Data Analysis
  • Sensor, Weapon, C2 & IT System Design